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You can learn Thai face to face with Wondrous Thai

Private Thai lessons – learn Thai with Nhoi – the author of Wondrous Thai

Learn Thai with Nhoi

Private Thai courses – You can now learn Thai face to face with the author of Wondrous Thai  or via Skype if you don’t live in Bangkok.

I offer several courses, including:
1. “Conversation in Daily Life” course
2. Writing course
3. Reading course

As part of these courses, I prepare sheets and homework for all 3 courses.

Course cost:
– Private lessons                     500 baht/hour
– Skype  in Thailand             450 baht/hour
– Skype outside Thailand  500 baht/hour

I can tailor these courses to meet your specific needs. Please contact me if you’re interested in learning Thai with me and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

You can contact me easiest by PM on my Facebook Page or by phone 099-087-6555

The courses will be designed with your particular needs in mind no matter what level you are at right now – beginner or intermediate. I am a Thai national and native Thai speaker living and teaching in Bangkok.



Do you know “จาก (jàak)”?

Common meanings of จาก (jàak),

1. จาก = jàak = (n.) Nipa palm
E.g. – จากเป็นพืชที่มีลำต้นอยู่ใต้ดิน
– jàak bpen pêut têe mee lam-dtôn yòo dtâi din
– Nipa palm is plant has trunk is underground
– Nipa palm is a plant with an underground stem.
2. จาก = jàak = (n.) A kind of thai dessert Continue reading


สาย (sāi) VS ดึก (deuk) – late.

สาย (sāi) and ดึก (deuk) are the same – late – but different late.


Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

สาย = sāi = (X) late, late in the morning, later in the morning

E.g. – เมสันตื่นสายอีกแล้ว
– Mason tean sāi ek laew
– Mason wake late again already (past marker)
– Mason woke up late again.

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